Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wizard's Beard - Pure Filth

This band is new to me. And according to Metal Archives, that should come as no surprise, since they released their debut less than a month ago. Wizard's Beard is a filthy, doomy, sludge outfit from England. You'd never guess that to listen to them, though, as they sound like they belong in the deep American south.

Their debut full-length Pure Filth has only 5 tracks, but the total run-time is just under 32 minutes. Song length aside, though, it only took me about 20 seconds to feel certain I was going to like these guys. As I've already said, their groove-laden brand of filth sounds like it just burbled up out of a southern bayou. The vocals are suitably hostile distorted shouts, the chunky guitar riffs are as heavy as they are catchy, and the groove scoops you up immediately in its mighty grasp. The closest comparison I can draw to an established band is Weedeater, whom I love dearly, so this was an instant hit for me.

If you'd care to sample the wares yourself, the excellent eight-and-a-half-minute opener "Paint The Skies" can be heard on the band's official website here. They aren't the most original band in the world, but for fans of stoner/doom/sludge I'd highly recommend this.

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