Thursday, April 21, 2011

Metal Country #10

Wow, talk about missing the obvious. I had just finished laboring over the final spot in my top ten and writing out this post when suddenly I remembered a country I had somehow totally forgotten. A country that actually leapfrogged a few spots and bumped my prior #10 off the charts. All has been corrected now, though, and I can get started on my list. I should note, incidentally, that because the bottom couple countries on this list got in on the strengths of just a couple bands, there was a tightly battling collection of also-rans who just barely missed the cut. I'll include a separate honorable mention post for all of them when I'm finished with this list. But for now, without further ado, I present:

#10 Switzerland

Favorite bands: Eluveitie, Celtic Frost

Yes, I realize that's only two bands. But one is a band I absolutely love, and the other is a band that pretty much every metal head (including myself) loves. So despite the lack of a deep scene, at least that I've yet encountered, the strength of those two bands is enough to get Switzerland onto the bottom edge of the charts.

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