Saturday, April 9, 2011

For Fans Of:

Today I popped into the local record store and bought a copy of Emissaries by Melechesh (I've heard songs from the album, but I didn't own a copy). On the walk home I noticed the tag on the front that tells you it's for fans of various other bands. Well, we've all seen labels with At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, and In Flames together, or various other collections of related bands. This one surprised me, though. It said "Recommended for fans of: Nile, Dismember, Exodus, and Celtic Frost". Now the Middle Eastern flavor makes Nile an unsurprising choice, but I found myself a little astounded to see bands as different as Nile and Exodus on the same tag. Seeing those four bands grouped together left me wondering what kind of image an unfamiliar buyer would form in their mind about this band and album.

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