Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Metal Country #5

So now we've reached the top 5. The countries that have flooded the metal world with really great bands. I had a couple tough positioning choices to make here, but in the end I think I can stand by them.

#5 United Kingdom
Favorite bands:
1. Electric Wizard (stoner doom)
2. Black Sabbath (heavy metal)
3. Cathedral (stoner doom)
4. Iron Maiden (NWOBHM)
5. Carcass (grind/death metal)

This was the first country (because of my cheating with Canada) where I had to make some really tough cuts. Judas Priest and Bolt Thrower were particularly painful to exclude, but the line had to be drawn. The UK has, in metal as in rock, provided us with a disproportionately high amount of awesomeness for such a little cluster of islands. Several of the greatest metal groups of all time had their roots right there, and were I judging this list based purely on the top handful of bands from each country, it would be nearly impossible to keep the UK out of the top 2 or 3. That said, the depth of bands I really enjoy is much greater in the remaining countries atop this list, which is the reason the UK isn't any higher than 5th. I won't go into descriptions of any of these bands, since I assume the vast majority of metal fans are quite familiar with all of them.

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