Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Guitar Called "Plan B"

I was just browsing through some pictures on my computer, and I decided I'd share a couple from a project my dad and I did two winters ago. We decided that we were going to build an electric guitar. By that I don't mean we would assemble a custom guitar or modify an existing guitar and call it "building"; we actually wanted to do all the woodworking, assembly, and finishing ourselves. We had to order the electronics and hardware (pickups, bridge, tuning keys, etc) but we built the guitar itself from raw lumber, and my dad did the paint. It's got a maple neck, curly maple fretboard, and a walnut body. The are plenty of imperfections, and most of our initial attempts at various portions of the work were faulty and needed modification, which is why we chose to name the guitar "Plan B". But for all the setbacks we encountered, it was a fun project, and my dad and I spent time in his shop almost every day over the winter working on it together, so it was a very special bonding experience.

In the end, we produced a properly working instrument. All the wiring is correct, the intonation and tuning can be properly set, and we've had it played by a professional guitar tech to see if he could detect any major issues with it. He said it played better than many of the factory guitars he works with.

So anyway, here are a couple photos of the finished product, and a little sampling of one of my younger brothers playing around with it and switching pickup settings to show how it sounds:

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