Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buying Albums

I tend to listen to a lot of music on Youtube. Because of that, there are often bands I know and like, yet I own virtually no material by. Well today I made some corrections to that problem by visiting the local record shop and adding 3 new albums to my collection.

The first cd I picked up was Conjuration of the Spectral Empire by The Chasm. They are still relatively new to me, but I like virtually everything I hear from them, so I intend to increase my stockpile of their albums. This makes their 3rd that I've bought.

The second cd I grabbed was Clandestine by Entombed. This was a perfect example of a glaring hole in my collection, but now that hole has been patched, and I'm enjoying the crunching riffs of Chaos Breed as I type this.

The third cd was from a band that I know by name, but I still haven't really listened to much. Blut Aus Nord seem to have a great reputation amongst black metal fans, so I picked up the re-issue of The Mystical Beast of Rebellion with its extra disk of bonus songs. There are only three additional tracks, but they add up to 37 minutes of extra material, so it seemed like a good deal to me. In any case, this is the first of their albums I've ever bought.


  1. Sounds like you at least have a decent shop nearby. When I get around to going to the good store in Omaha I can find some decent newer stuff, but nothing older.

  2. Fortunately the proprietors of the one record store in town are metalheads. The place isn't huge, so the selection is definitely limited, but I've been surprised at times by the good stuff I've found in there.