Friday, April 29, 2011

Metal Country #2

Of the countries I frequently mention in musical terms, only two remain. As I said, deciding between this one and the USA was hard, but I think I made the right choice.

#2 Finland
Favorite bands:
1. Moonsorrow (Viking metal)
2. Ensiferum (Viking metal)
3. Amorphis (death/progressive/other)
4. Korpiklaani (folk metal)
5. Swallow the Sun (death-doom metal)
6. Insomnium (melodic death metal)
7. Finntroll (folk metal)
8. Children of Bodom (melodic death/power)
9. Wintersun (melodic death metal)
10. Reverend Bizarre (doom metal)

Finland has quite possibly the best Viking/folk metal scene in the world, and since I love that style of music the country's output is well suited to my tastes. Some excellent doom and melodic death has emerged from Finland as well. The musical depth here is not as great as that of the States, but the peaks make up for it in my opinion, since the top end of Finnish metal is some of my absolute favorite from anywhere. In fact, I was able to fill out my first 5 Finnish bands with groups who also all appeared on my Top 25 Metal Bands list, making Finland one of only two countries where I can do that. You'll also notice I increased the list to 10 here. Mostly, I just couldn't bear to leave off Insomnium and Finntroll. Insomnium was actually under consideration when I was at around spot 15 or so in the making of my earlier Top 25 list, yet somehow they never found their way onto that. I couldn't bring myself to snub them a second time.

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