Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beard Song(s)

So I was poking around on YouTube, and I noticed that there are quite a lot of songs called "Beard Song" or "The Beard Song" posted up by a ton of different people. Many of them have almost unlistenable recording quality, but there were several that came across like actual songs. Some were good, others were bad, and still others were absolutely horrible. Well I decided to collect together a sampling of these songs and link them all here for anybody curious enough to take a gander. I should note that this is not just a collection of songs about beards: it's a collection of beard songs with the same title. So I'll just list the artists' names.

Tommee Profitt

Chris McGregor

Sophie Madeleine (probably the most popular one)

Eloy Escagedo

Will Parker

Amber and Lauren (couldn't find last names)

Kate (same here)

And this one isn't a song, though it's done by a band called The Beards, which I've talked about before. In any case, it appealed enormously to my sense of humor, and was all about beards, so I'll link it too: Street Talk with The Beards

Also in beard related news, a categorical analysis of the field for the rapidly approaching 2011 World Beard and Moustache Championships was released recently on the official WBMC website.

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