Monday, April 25, 2011

Metal Country #6

I'd imagine that from this point forward, the countries I pick should all be pretty much expected. The only question would be the order I choose. Well, here's the country that managed to just miss my top 5.

#6 Norway

Favorite bands:
1. Immortal
2. Windir
3. Enslaved
4. Burzum
5. Emperor

From the nation most synonymous with black metal, it should come as no surprise that black metal bands dominate my selections. These groups, with the sole exception of Windir, are all pillars of the Norwegian black metal scene and should be familiar to most metal fans. Of course, Windir are hardly unknowns themselves, and alongside Enslaved and Bathory are one of the names most associated with Viking metal. The trouble I have with Norway, and the reason I didn't place them higher, is that outside of their infamous black metal scene, the country's depth of contributions to metal take a much steeper dive than those of their neighbors. At least that's my opinion.


  1. Norway is tough for me. I still have not decided which band will be the one I list when I get there. It may be a spur of the moment decision with the caveat that it could easily change. Sweden will be the same way I think.

  2. It was kind of similar for me. On a different day, any one of those five could top the list. I find that Immortal's appeal is the most consistent for me, though, so I gave them the nod.