Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Am Where I Was

I may have previously mentioned that I've grown a beard out before, only to eventually cut it off (several different times). Well I was just looking at a picture of myself from right before I cut my longest beard a year or so ago, and when comparing it to a picture I just took today I realized that I have now reached my previous maximum beard length. I submit as evidence the two photos in question:

The first of these pictures shows my previous beard, and the second is me today. And since I just noticed this (and I haven't made a beardly post recently) I thought it was worth mentioning.

p.s. My family came down today as a slightly early birthday visit. It was an enjoyable afternoon and evening, and there was much cake to be had. I was also gifted season four of The Venture Bros, which I intend to begin enjoying momentarily.

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