Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alas! In Flames

Today I just saw the album artwork, title, and track listing for the upcoming In Flames album. I realized that wishing for the old In Flames back is a vain hope. I realize that with Jesper gone, not one original member remains. Besides, he wrote virtually everything on their early albums, so in a very real sense the In Flames of old no longer exists in any way. But still, when I read that the new album was going to be called "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" I think a little part of me died. The coffin was nailed shut years ago, but now the funeral is over and the last of the mourners have gone home. It's sad to see your absolute favorite band become this... thing. And as if to pour salt in the wounds of all their old fans, they have included a song titled "Jester's Door" which marks the first usage of their once trademark jester in a song title since Whoracle. I think I'll go listen to Moonshield and try to remember the good times.


  1. I noticed that as well. I will likely check this album as I do enjoy even the newer stuff by In Flames, but their last album was a massive disappointment to me. It was the first In Flames album that I could honestly say I did not like. I don't have much hope for the next album, but I am morbidly curious.

  2. Oh, I'll end up buying it. I'm just not thrilled at the prospect presented by a title like that.