Saturday, February 26, 2011

Waste Journal

One of my classes (Environmental Geography) is making keep a "waste journal" for one week. I have to write down everything I throw away, from a bit of floss to a piece of gum to a used paper towel, for that week. Yesterday was the beginning, and already I am astounded at how quickly the discarded items are piling up. Granted, many of the things on the list are quite small, but this is nonetheless proving to be a highly enlightening project. I'd actually recommend that everybody try this once, just for your own reference. You'd probably be as surprised as I have been, provided you don't fudge or estimate numbers. If you do try it, I'd suggest keeping a handy way of making notes on the go so you don't have to try recalling things when you get home, since there's a good chance you'll forget some of the things like napkins that you pitch without really even thinking about it.

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