Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moustache Length

I am happy to report that, although it's not quite there yet, my moustache is now starting to reach the length where it's not in my mouth all the time. It's still a little bothersome at times, but for the most part I can now keep it brushed to the sides and it will pretty much stay out of my mouth. Like I said, not quite all the way there yet, but it's very close.

This is also good on an aesthetic note. You see, while my beard comes in just fine, my moustache is a touch on the thin side, and in an odd sort of pattern to boot. With sufficient length swept to the sides, though, it pretty much covers that and looks quite a bit better than it would if I left it short. I'm optimistic that over the course of the coming weeks, my moustache will continue to bother me less and less until it becomes a very minor issue.

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