Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day in the Hairy Life

Well last night I went to a party to celebrate the life of America's greatest bearded president, Abraham Lincoln. It was a fun time spent hanging out, watching terrible movies, eating this bizarre monstrosity of a pizza (toppings included macaroni, fries, and bbq sauce), and of course doing a little too much drinking. While there, I met a very friendly guy who I'm going to refer to as Epic-Beard Mike. In talking to Epic-Beard Mike I encountered the only person I've ever met in real life who is actually aware of competitive bearding. In fact, he was telling me how upset he'd been about having to work the day of the first ever Ohio Beard Championship, since at the time he was living only a couple miles from where it was being held. This encounter was, of course, quite an unexpected pleasure.

Then today my brother showed me a new picture of our old college roommate, Chase. Turns out Chase has jumped on the beard-wagon himself, having now been growing his facial hair for about 3 months.

On a final note, my moustache growth, particularly near the middle of my mouth, has begun to severely test my patience recently. It's no longer just long enough to get in my mouth at times. Instead, it is almost perpetually in my mouth. I dislike the idea of putting wax in it and I am resisting the urge to trim it, but I can't tell you how anxious I am for the point where it is long enough to past this phase.

So yeah, there's a day in the hairy life for you.

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