Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Class Registration

Okay, here's a good piece of general advice for any and all college students out there, and one which you'd think I would be able to follow by now, though evidently I can't. When you're already an enrolled student, find out as soon as possible when early registration starts for classes, and sign up on that day. As you can probably guess, I failed to do that for this upcoming quarter (yes, my school is one of the few using quarters instead of semesters) so today I found myself rummaging through the scrapheap looking for anything vaguely useful. I wound up with a really odd looking schedule that I'm not terribly happy about and I have nobody to blame but myself. So like I said, if you're already a college student and for some reason you haven't learned this lesson yet, do yourself a favor and don't repeat my mistake.


  1. Dear lord but I hate how most universities run their registration systems! I just went through that this semester. I was a returning student (already had a Bachelor's but wanted to start working on another one); but, because I hadn't gone to THIS particular school before, I was classified as "0 credits, new student" and had to wait for the open registration period. Yeah, everything I needed was pretty much taken.

    However, I did have an ace up my sleeve, and it's a piece of advice some folks may be able to make use of. If you know a part-time student and/or your school's registration system doesn't limit the quantity of credit hours you can sign up for or base your selections on pre-requisites, you can have your friend who can register earlier sign up for classes on their account and then, when you can sign up, synchronize their drop and your add.

    That's how I managed to snag three of my courses this semester. Hopefully next semester turns out easier; but I'm using this trick again if I can just in case.

  2. That's actually a pretty clever little trick, though once you're a current student you should be eligible for early registration, I think.

    My tactic was less elegant, but since I'm friends with the professor for one of the classes that was full, I just got him to let me in the class anyway. Remember kids, if your teachers like you it can really pay off sometimes.