Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upcoming Beard Lists

I have been gathering information for a couple new beard related lists I want to put together, but I've found myself busier than usual this week so I have yet to actually make the lists themselves. I'll probably get to that over the weekend. I know there isn't much point in writing a blog post to announce a future blog post, but I had resolved to myself when I started this thing that I would post every day, even if I didn't have anything astounding to say, because I require routines. It's funny, I don't even like having routines. I need them, though, because I am the type of person who, if I put something down and say "Eh, it's ok to skip it occasionally," will end up skipping it more and more often until eventually I don't do it at all. I don't know why that's the case, but over the years it's just something that I have learned about myself. The problem is that I have a tendency to take on little pet projects, none of which is essential or terribly pressing in terms of time consumption, but as I stick to daily maintenance of an increasing number of such projects, they begin to really add up quickly. Eventually I am forced to drop some of them and it's just a question of which ones I have to cut. Since I would like to keep this blog active, I'm trying to make a point of sticking with my daily posts so it doesn't end up as one of those forgotten pet projects. The result, of course, is an occasional post like this one. Oh well, I guess it is what it is.

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