Thursday, February 24, 2011

That One Overrated Beard

Normally on this blog, when I talk about beards, I do so quite favorably. I like beards. I have a beard. I like seeing other people grow beards (primarily men, though if you're a woman and you can, I guess go for it if that's what you want). There is, however, one beard that gets talked about far too much, especially considering the unimpressive nature of that particular collection of whiskers. If you haven't guessed his name yet, the man behind that particular beard is Chuck Norris. I can't possibly be the only person who was tired of that meme almost before it started, can I? And no, Chuck Norris doesn't have another fist behind his beard. I don't even think he could hide a pinkie finger in there. So while I typically stick up for the beard and all its wearers, today I would like to state, in all fairness and honesty, that there are some individual cases where it gets a bit old.


  1. I remember when Barrens Chat and Horde City Chat would have a round of "Chuck Norris" comments every hour. That got pretty annoying after a while. Also, Chuck's beard wasn't all that great nor was he all that great of an actor or martial artist. Well, maybe he was a decent martial artist; but did it really warrant all of the forced nostalgia that resulted? I think not.

    Now, Mr. T, on the other hand... :D

  2. I totally agree. When do we start hearing Mr. T jokes?

    And I don't know if it was just a thing in every server, but barrens chat was indeed a source of much annoyance on that front.