Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Auction

Well, last night was fun. I went to a date auction fundraiser for the college radio station where I work. Got to hang out, have a few beers, and I even had the winning bid on a couple girls I know who auctioned themselves as a pair. The big cash earners for the night, though, were one of the bands who played. Whale Zombie auctioned themselves and, as was promised to the girls who won them, played the rest of their set shirtless. All in all, it was an entertaining evening.

On a side note, it's ironic that I would technically miss a day of posting right after giving that whole explanation of why I didn't want to skip any days. However, since it's still the 11th in my mind despite being an hour and a half past midnight, I'm going to count this as my post today and post a second blog for the 12th.

Also, since it's technically the 12th now, I'd like to say "Happy Birthday!" to my best friend Cliff.

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