Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring on Campus

The coming of spring is always an interesting time on a college campus. All the pent-up urges of protester types have been building, and with the nice weather (this has been a super mild winter, so spring is basically here now) they bust out their signs and hit the pavement. Of course that can't go unchallenged, so you get two sides doing the same thing. Right now, just outside the building where I'm currently sitting, we have just such a standoff. In the red corner, wearing their Sunday best, we have the baptists with the "agree with me or you'll go to hell" signs. In the blue corner, a growing swarm of unwashed hippies with assorted pro-everything signs. I tend to think that such demonstrations are of little constructive value, since they're not likely to change any minds. Still, I'm thinking about going back out there just to soak up the warm sunshine and witness the spectacle of a pack of bored, over-privileged Americans doing what they do best.

1 comment:

  1. I always enjoyed the religious nuts preaching that we were all going to hell. And the girls breaking out their spring clothes, always the girls.