Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 MLG Pro Circuit Winter Championship

Today was championship Sunday for the Columbus MLG Starcraft 2 tournament, so like the truly monumental nerd I am, I spent the bulk of my day watching the games on Major League Gaming's online stream. It was pretty enjoyable for me, since my two favorite players to watch (DongRaeGu and MarineKing) have both been on absolute tears lately, and they were paired up against each other in the finals. It was actually a rematch of the MLG finals from last month, and like last time MarineKing took the win. This makes him the first back-to-back MLG winner, which is cool since he spent quite a while as the "king of second place" in major Starcraft 2 tournaments.

That left the phenomenal zerg DongRaeGu second, and Heart, a terran player I'm not terribly familiar with, third. Heart played some fantastic games, though, so hopefully this will do something to springboard him to higher levels of recognition.

In other news, classes start back up tomorrow, so I guess I have to look busy again.

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