Saturday, March 3, 2012

Assorted Listening

I'm not posting an album review or anything else of substance today, so here's a different present for you: a few of the songs I've been listening to recently that are not on albums I plan to review.

"Self Loathing Orchestration" by Bishop of Hexen. 2006.
Excessively dramatic symphonic black metal from Israel. It kind of reminds
me of Emperor, but it's way more over-the-top with the keyboards.

"Louisiana Pit" by Ghoul Patrol. 2011.
Twangy southern style semi-death metal. It comes from Finland, of all
places. Anyway, how cool is extreme metal with slide guitar?

"Unveiling the Essence" by Cirith Gorgor. 2001.
Really good, galloping black metal from the Netherlands.
I also love the cover art.

"The Siege" by Arafel. 2011.
Very aggressive folk metal from Israel. Draws influences from multiple
sub-genres, but I guess they used to be more black metal.

I hadn't really noticed it until I started grabbing songs for this post, but I guess the bulk of my non-review based listening recently has been loosely centered on black metal.

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