Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wizard's Beard - Subirse El Muerto

I have mentioned Wizard's Beard a few times in this blog. I included their debut album in my top 10 metal records of the year list, and to date that is the only album I've actually reviewed on the Metal Archives (I don't know why I've never reviewed any other albums on there, but I haven't).

Well a few months back, I was sent a preview track from their new album, but asked to keep it under my hat. That was pretty cool, and since the album dropped on Feb. 10th, I figure I can talk about it now.

Unfortunately, I haven't got a copy of the new album Four Tired Undertakers yet, so I can't do an album review. Based on the opening track, though, I certainly intend to pick it up when I get a chance. It's the same sludgey, hate-filled doom as they produced on Pure Filth. The riffs are heavy and groovy, the vocals are extremely hostile, and this time around the album has 7 tracks instead of just 5 with a run-time that's over 20 minutes longer than their previous release. That's great news, since my only real complaint about Pure Filth was that it was just too short. Subirse El Muerto isn't the equal of my favorite tracks from the debut, but it's very good stuff nonetheless.

I've had trouble trying to upload that track on here, so if I get that sorted out at some point I'll put it at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, I guess I won't.

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