Friday, February 24, 2012

Metal Quiz

Just for fun, I decided to put together a multiple-choice metal quiz. This is not a comprehensive test of "Metal IQ" or anything like that, it's just a bunch of random questions which I'm posting for general enjoyment. I'll link the answer key at the bottom, but try to answer all the questions before you look at that or do any other cheating. The object is to see how many you can get on your own, not to see how well you can work Google and the Metal Archives. And remember, a person could easily miss most of these and still know more about metal than I do, so don't worry about it if you score low.

For those of you who don't know if you want to take the time, here's a warm-up question. If you don't know the answer to this one, then the odds are good that you won't have much fun with this quiz.


Practice Question: Which Star Wars character became the namesake for a prominent Polish death metal band?

A) Luke Skywalker
B) Jabba the Hut
C) Darth Vader
D) Jar Jar Binks


I'll go ahead and post the answer at the bottom, but like I said, you will probably hate this quiz if you don't already know that one.

For those of you who decide to go ahead and do it, when you're finished, check your answers and leave a comment with how many you got right. Remember, this is just for fun. And don't cheat, because cheating is lame.


#1. What Swedish death metal band has had active members from Opeth, Hypocrisy, and Katatonia in its lineup?

A) Carnal Forge
B) Bloodbath
C) Carnifex
D) Dimension Zero


#2. Which of these bands do NOT primarily feature lyrics with ancient Egyptian or Sumerian themes?

A) Nile
B) Apophis
C) Nominon
D) Melechesh


#3. Which of these was never an official vocalist for Black Sabbath?

A) Ozzy Osbourne
B) Ian Gillan
C) Ronnie James Dio
D) Bruce Dickinson


#4. Which of these Norwegian black metal bands has never had a past or present member convicted of murder?

A) Burzum
B) Emperor
C) Satyricon
D) Mayhem


#5. What American sludge group was forced to go on a temporary hiatus when their vocalist accidentally blew off one of his toes with a shotgun?

A) Buzzov*en
B) Bongripper
C) Crowbar
D) Weedeater


#6. Which of these bands is NOT originally from Mexico?

A) Yaotl Mictlan
B) Raxa
C) The Chasm
D) Assyrian


#7. Which of these bands has produced the largest number of recorded albums?

A) Senmuth
B) Motörhead
C) Abysm
D) Judas Priest


#8. Which of these bands has never played a live show in the United States?

A) Bathory
B) Amorphis
C) Sodom
D) Woods of Ypres


#9. Members of which band recorded the album "Rebel Meets Rebel" with controversial country singer David Allan Coe?

A) Pantera
B) Black Label Society
C) Corrosion of Conformity
D) Machine Head


#10. Which of these influential doom records was NOT released in the 1980s?

A) "Born Too Late" by Saint Vitus
B) "Death Penalty" by Witchfinder General
C) "Forest of Equilibrium" by Cathedral
D) "Nightfall" by Candlemass


Well, that about does it. If you're finished and you want to see how you did, the answer key is linked at the bottom of this post. Oh, and the answer to the practice question was C.



  1. A little bit, though I figured you'd get at least 8, so I'm not too surprised.