Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maryland Deathfest

It's been a while since I've been to a metal show that wasn't Skeletonwitch coming back here to play at the Union, and as much as I enjoy those, they can't be my entire concert-going life. Basically, I've been getting a little antsy. So I started poking around online looking for interesting tours coming through here in the near future. So far I haven't turned up anything I'm interested in nearby, but I did happen across the website for the Maryland Deathfest.

I just learned that the acts on Sunday (May 27th) will be no less colossal a trio of bands than Suffocation, Saint Vitus, and Electric Wizard. I've never driven nearly that far for a concert before (Google Maps says it's about 6 1/2 hours to Baltimore from here) and $52 is a pretty steep price to pay for one ticket, especially since I'm sure after all the added crap it's more like $70. Plus, I'd have to find a motel room for at least one night and that much gas isn't cheap either. Still, I must admit that despite all that I'm sorely tempted to make the trip. Hopefully something more financially viable will turn up in Columbus before I let the sheer awesomeness of that lineup suck me into doing something stupidly expensive.


  1. While it's not as good as the Maryland Deathfest, the Decibel Magazine Tour (Behemoth/Watain/The Devil's Blood/In Solitude) is going to Columbus on April 11. It's sold out, but you might be able to pick up a ticket from a scalper or somebody. I envy you for the fact that bands go there. The closest they ever come here is Kansas City. (Seriously, even Omaha can't draw anybody in?) We were going to get Master and Lightning Swords of Death, but that's the last metal show that I knew about in Lincoln and it was canceled because the Master guys apparently didn't bother to ask whether they needed to get a visa.

  2. Oh yeah, I remember that. I was planning to see Master on that same tour.

    Behemoth would be cool to see, though, so maybe I'll check that out. I'm also thinking about Nile in Cleveland next month.

  3. The other bands are good too. I'm sure you've already got an opinion on Watain, considering their level of popularity. But The Devil's Blood is some really good "occult" hard rock (I'm not sure exactly what that means, but whatever it is, they play some catchy tunes). And In Solitude is kind of like Killers era Maiden but with a vocalist who sounds a little tiny bit like King Diamond's higher singing range (not the falsetto, sadly, but I know you don't like that part).

  4. Watain are good, though I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see them on their own. I'm not familiar with the other two.