Sunday, February 26, 2012

Uncoming Releases

I just wanted to write a quick note about a pair of releases which are on their way soon, and about which I'm fairly excited.

The first is by Naglfar. The Swedish melodic black metal group were one of the earlier extreme metal bands I was exposed to, and I have a lit of fond memories of listening to their album Pariah while cruising around in Las Vegas with my best friend. Well tomorrow they have an EP coming out, as a lead-in to their new album Téras which is coming out in a month. This will be their first new album in five years, and I'm looking forward to hearing some new material from them.

The second is bigger news in the overall scheme of things, and that's the new Saint Vitus releases. People who keep up with metal news better than I do probably already knew about this. Evidently, enough of the various side-projects have been fallen apart that the members of the band have decided to get back together permanently and hit the studio. Their new EP comes out in late March, and the album drops in late April. This will be the first new material from Saint Vitus in 17 years. Frankly, I'm not expecting anything to extraordinary, considering the point these guys are at in their career. That said, I still intend to rush out and buy this as soon as it's released.

Obviously there are plenty of other things coming out this year, but those two are ones I just found out about and that I'm excited to hear.

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