Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Prediction

Well, the biggest entertainment event of the year for us Americans is starting in just under 4 hours, so I might as well get in on the fun.

The Giants are hot at exactly the right time, and the Patriots' pass defense is dreadful. However, Tom Brady has demonstrated a tendency to play ridiculously well when he feels he has something to prove. Since the Giants are the only team a Brady-led Patriots team had lost to in the Super Bowl, I think he feels that way now. Besides, everybody is talking about how hot the Giants are, and I think it needs to be mentioned that the Patriots came into the playoffs with the league's longest winning streak. It should be a fairly high scoring game, since the passing game seems to be both teams' strongest suits at the moment.

I'm taking the Patriots 34-31.

On a personal note, I think Eli Manning is a douchebag. Thus, even though I'm not a Pats fan I'll be rooting for them anyway.

*POST-GAME ADDITION: Well that sucked. I'm going to go ahead and blame this on the Patriots receivers deciding that the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl is a good time to start dropping passes, but whatever. I hate the Giants, I hate Eli Manning, and I hate seeing teams with mediocre records win single-elimination championships (it's just so hard to look at a 9-7 team and honestly believe they're the best). So, in summation, I hate this.


  1. I don't mind Eli Manning. He certainly has some serious "living in the shadow of my older brother and my dad" thing going on, but I really don't mind him. I can't stand Brady. I think he's a prick. And I'm learning not to like Belicheck (sp?). They were right on in the pre-game interview when they told Brady that the Patriots might be the most reviled team in professional sports. I don't think there are too many people who are sad about the result.

    I am a little disappointed by the commercials. The Doritos one with the dog was funny, but aside from that.

  2. Well for me, Eli pulling that whole "I'm too good to play for the team that drafted me, so they'll have to trade me or I just won't sign" crap immediately put him on my shit-list.

    Brady I can take or leave. I do think he's pretty arrogant, but for me this was a team I'm neutral about playing against a team I hate.

  3. I wasn't really aware of Manning's antics. I never followed football at all until about 7 years ago, and only really followed college football closely beginning about 3 years ago. I can thank my wife for getting me into football. I don't really follow pro football that much. (I don't follow any other sports.)

    I'm pretty neutral about the Giants (I love Prince Amukamara, though!), but I hate the Pats. I also hate the Jets and the Eagles (it's too bad Alex Henry got drafted by them), and basically anyone from Texas. I like the Lions (even though Suh has been acting the way he has), the Broncos, the Vikings, and the Packers. On the latter, my wife doesn't like Wisconsin people (or NY people for that matter), but I like that they're the only team owned by their fans.

    If you wanted to go by the way a team had played over the whole season, it should have gone to the Packers, no question.

  4. Oh, I wasn't really clear about how much I follow pro football. I never started at all until 2 years ago, but even then, I don't follow it much. I mostly pick my teams based on where the Huskers players go.

  5. Ah yes. My dad's family is from Nebraska, so I've had a chance to witness Huskermanina...