Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Starcraft 2

I've been playing it a decent amount recently, and I'm really starting to get on board with the whole e-sports thing. I'm a pretty weak player (top 8 in my silver league division, which means I fall a tad short of the 40% mark amongst online players). Despite that, though, I still watch and thoroughly enjoy commentated pro games. Fortunately my best friend is nerdy enough to love this stuff too, so it's just another fun way for us to have geeky conversations.

I especially enjoy watching Zerg games, with my current favorite pro players to watch being DongRaeGu and NesTea.


  1. I played the original Starcraft A LOT my first year of college. I was Protoss most of the time. We would set up games on the network and play cooperatively against computers, usually against more computers than we had humans. We tended to play on maps where the resources were unlimited, so that changes the game dynamics considerably.

    Regularly we would backstab each other when the computer was nearly defeated. It was a lot of fun to send private messages, and one guy would think I was on board with turning on the other, but I would actually be working with the other guy. Once a dude got really mad at us for doing that . . . .

    Anyway, my favorite game ever was the time I backstabbed two other players at the same time, and eventually won. I disabled the one's resource gathering, making him a non-issue. I then continually sent in carrier flights to the other guy's Zerg camp, while he just set up a bunch of aerial defenses. Little did he know that all that time I was secretly setting up a second base, where I built a huge ground force, and came into his camp and laid waste to it. Good times.

    I played online a couple times, but it always ended up being against someone who had designed their own map and used cheap tactics to improve their win-loss record (I don't know if they still have a Zerg rush in Starcraft 2, but if you know exactly where your opponent is there's no way to defend against it).

    1. Well, the exact tactics used have changed as timing and available units are a little different, but cheese still abounds at the lower levels of play.