Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beards make you look like...

As I have stated here before, it's amazing how the simple act of growing a beard will suddenly earn you all sorts of uninvited comparisons with other people who you evidently now look exactly like because they also have a beard. Well today was a good day for that. The director at my music meeting kept referring to me as Kaczynski. Another person noted that they should carve a swastika into my forehead because of my shocking resemblance to Charles Manson. Charming, no? There was a third comparison thrown out there as well, but sadly I cannot remember what it was. I do recall, though, was that it wasn't terribly flattering either. Fortunately I've been going through a bit of a Buddhist phase recently, so I found it somewhat amusing rather than getting worked up over it. In any case, I just thought I would share that with you and offer this advice: If you're growing a beard (or have any other aspect of your appearance that people feel the need to comment on) don't get annoyed or frustrated. They're going to make remarks whether it bothers you or not, so just relax try to have fun with it. People will like you better for having a sense of humor, and you'll be in a better mood most of the time when you can laugh off that kind of thing.

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