Friday, March 4, 2011

Underrated Death Metal Pt.2

Harvest Ritual Volume I -by- Necrophagia

Formed in 1984, Necrophagia released their debut album a few months before Scream Bloody Gore in 1987, yet they have never received the credit the deserve as a pioneering death metal group, perhaps due to their remote Ohio location. Their recording career has been relatively sparse, punctuated by a lengthy breakup. In 2005 they released Harvest Ritual, which is atmospheric and weird, but still built on a foundation of rock-solid old school death metal, making it a mature, extremely high-quality album.

Still Suffering -by- Catafalc

Estonia's Catafalc formed in 1999, but have only released two full-length albums to date. This 2008 offering is pretty much a straight-forward, gory-as-hell brutal death metal album. It is, however, of very consistently good quality. There are some good catchy riffs, a few solos, solid drumming and vocal performances, pretty much everything you would hope for in this type of album. This record won't change your mind if you don't already like the sub-genre, but it's a strong release by a band with which nobody seems to be familiar.

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