Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Minute Schoolwork

Well it's just about 3:30am, and I just finished writing a paper I was assigned over a week ago that is due in the morning. Oh, the glories of college! In all reality, though, I temporarily lost my cool about 15 minutes ago and probably woke up my roommates by cussing at my computer. After 4 hours or work I was quite literally a matter of seconds away from saving the finished paper to my flash drive and calling it a night, and suddenly my computer just shut down out of nowhere. I will not be repeating any of the language this caused me to employ, but suffice it to say I was displeased. Fortunately autosave kicked in and rescued my work, placing it high on my personal list of the greatest things of any kind to ever exist. So after saying a prayer of thanks for the preservation of my efforts, I decided to record these events for anybody who cares enough to be reading this. Now it's time for bed, so thank you and good night.

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