Monday, March 14, 2011


Before I even start, I should warn you that this entry is nothing but me complaining. If that doesn't interest you, don't bother reading any further.

This has been a pretty frustrating couple of days. I'm living in an off-campus college apartment, so it's privately run, but it's designed for use by students and as such has 1-year lease cycles and multiple bedrooms, each rented to a different person. Well, I found out a couple days ago that one of my roommates, who won't be living here next year I should add, has promised the apartment to a family which wants the whole apartment themselves. Great, he's promising my room to other people without asking me when I've still got the option to renew, which I wanted to do. After dealing with a few issues surrounding this, including a prospective change to the apartment next door into a room which he claimed was available, but which the other tenants refused to give me a concrete response about, I finally went in today and renewed my lease anyway. Now he's calling the office to complain that I'm somehow stealing this room in an apartment he wanted his friends to have. That's right. I'm wrong for choosing to stay living in the apartment I'm already in, when he knew full well that I was planning on living here and he went ahead and promised the place to somebody else anyway. Nice. I'm typically a pretty easy-going guy, but I have to admit that this situation is rapidly beginning to piss me off.

So anyway, when he finally stops complaining and actually addresses the issue, either he'll get his friends into the other 2 rooms of this apartment, or I'm going to have to scrounge up some roommates on my own to avoid having to carry the full payment on this apartment, which I just can't afford. Either of those options is acceptable to me, though I'd prefer not to have to do the work of roommate shopping, but it would be nice if he would stop trying to make me out to be the bad guy and just make a decision. In college towns, people find apartments for the upcoming school year quite early, so if I have to find replacements I'll need to know pretty soon so I can start looking while there are still people in the market for housing.

EDIT: I just got a call from the office saying my roommate brought somebody in to be the 3rd name on the lease. I don't know what he's doing about his room, but presumably he has decided to find friends to put in this apartment, which is good because now I won't have to hunt for roommates.

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