Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Business Writing

I honestly don't know how my brother manages to sit through all those business related classes. I had my Writing for the Workplace class tonight, and I was so bored I thought I might have died and gone to purgatory. I applaud all those brave souls who manage to sit through 4 years of that kind of thing and emerge as sane individuals on he other side, because frankly I couldn't deal with that.


  1. Having been in what would be considered a workplace for a decade, I can attest to the fact that most of the time if you write like college wants you to write for business, you'll have one or more of the following outcomes:

    1. People will stop reading your memo after the first three sentences (the tl;dr syndrome)
    2. People will accuse you of being too "intellectual" and tell you to lower the grade level of what you're writing so dummies can understand it (and this was in a telecom company, believe it or not)
    3. People will read between your lines and assume that, because you're writing formally, you're insulting or berating them (even though you aren't).

    In short, it saps your soul double-duty when you're doing things like you're SUPPOSED to do but still have to do things a completely different way that goes against how you were taught AND how you would naturally approach a task.

    Yay :P

  2. Somehow, your comment does nothing to increase my level of enthusiasm for this class...