Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sure, I'm Biased. But...

I was surprised and happy with the way this track came out. Of course it's not professional caliber since it's just something my brothers and I work on now and then for fun, but I still enjoy this new song. I can't claim any direct involvement in this one; since I'm living about 200 miles away from them I don't actually appear anywhere on this song. All I did was supply the lyrics. But whatever, I like it, and since it's not like we're trying to market this stuff to anybody I guess it doesn't really matter what anybody else thinks.

If you're just curious, though, and you have a few minutes to kill, you're welcome to check out Blackened Shore. If you enjoy it, compliments are of course always welcome. And if you hate it I'm sorry, but no, you can't have your 3:45 back.


  1. The riff reminds me of either some sped up Nadja, or Dunkelheit by Burzum. Actually, the whole song sort of reminds me of Dunkelheit, but not quite as lo-fi (although Varg did make an EFFORT to get Filosofem to sound as grainy as possible) and without the ethereal keyboard loop.

  2. All three of us were listening to Dunkelheit during the writing process. The goal was to sound similar but with more of a death metal inflection to the vocals, so that comparison is good to hear from an outside listener.