Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pirates and Indians

Just got home from a ballgame in Cleveland. Unfortunately, the Pirates lost 5-1, but if I expected to see my team win, I wouldn't be a Pirates fan to begin with. So even though the bucs lost, it was a fun time. My sister and both my brothers came, and we had a good evening out.


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  2. I feel sorry for you being a Pirates fan. They do have some intriguing young players. One of these years, they might put something together.

  3. Well it was fun today. Got to see the Pirates take down the Sox 3-1.

    They've got crap for hitting except McCutchen, and the owner doesn't want to spend a dime, so it will be tough to get too strong of a team together. That said, they do indeed have a couple interesting young prospects, and this year at least the bullpen has been really strong and a few starters have been surprisingly good too.

    They're still over .500 right now, so for Pirates fans that's basically as exciting as it would be for most teams if they won the World Series.