Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Admits". . . . ?

I'm not normally one for celebrity gossip, but I almost burst out laughing when I saw the Yahoo headline "Labeouf Admits to fling with Megan Fox". And the word that jumped out at me to make the whole thing ridiculous, as my title indicates, is "admits". Shia Labeouf, that nerdy little weed who only has a career because directors need an inexpensive actor to poke in between giant robots, Indiana Jones, and scantily clad women is "admitting" that he had a fling with a woman who is widely considered to be among the hottest on the planet?! That's like me "admitting" to being a secret agent for the CIA.

When you admit to something, it means you're telling people a truth you had tried to keep secret and/or are probably not too proud of. Claiming you "hooked up" with a sex symbol in her prime is not a good example of such a thing. In all reality, it sounds more like something an insecure little wiener would make up to make himself sound cooler than he actually is. And since I already consider Labeouf to be a little wiener who deserves virtually no credit for the success he's had thus far in his career, it's not very hard for me to believe that that's exactly what this story is. I realize that word may not have been choice, but when you already dislike somebody, it's easy to just assume the worst.

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