Monday, June 6, 2011


Well so far (knock on wood) the internet seems to have recovered from its troubles. I don't expect it to stay working, but for now I still have it.

The big item of news for me, as of last night, is that I'm probably moving into a different apartment in the same complex soon. It would be a slight upgrade since the other place gets much more natural light in the daytime and mine is slightly cave-like. Basically there are 3 apartments clustered together, with room for 3 tenants each. There's going to be some shuffling now that the school year is ending so that all the remaining people can get into apartments with the roommates they want. I'm a bit of a wildcard in this whole affair since I'm the only person who isn't attached to anybody so it's really up to me if I want to move and make everybody's life easier or stay and make my own life easier.

There would be some advantages to moving. As I mentioned, this apartment's orientation is different so it's very dark inside. Also I got stuck in the middle bedroom so I can hear noise from both my roommates at once, which can be annoying. So if everything checks out I'll probably make the switch. In any event, that means I'll have to move all my stuff, and consequently I'll have a period of time where I'm not able to get online. So even if the net stays alive until then, I'll probably be out of touch for a little while anyway.

UPDATE: My internet is back down. I have preparation for finals on Friday anyway, so I'm just going to call a full hiatus until early next week at the soonest.

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