Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eventful Update

Going to see the Red Sox vs Pirates tomorrow. Normally I'd root for the Pirates, but I just traded for Lester in my fantasy league, so I'm torn on that. I guess I should see it as a win-win situation: either the Pirates win or my pitcher wins.

Saturday the Steel Valley Super Nats are taking over Salem, so I'll be surrounded by classic cars all day.

Also happening tomorrow, the end of the current round of Dominion. It's a text-based war game with 50-day rounds, and my brother and I are primed to win for the first time after years of playing (and no, that doesn't mean we're bad players. Around 15,000 people have played over the years, and only about 60 have ever won a round). This win means nothing at all to 99.9999% of the public, but after all this time playing the game, I'm excited about it.

The week after next, I'll be going on a 5-day trip with my family to Toronto. I've spent only a tiny amount of time outside the USA, so I'm looking forward to that.

I've started writing again. What I mean when I say that is that I've started writing fiction again. I'm nearly finished with the second chapter of my novel, and so far I'm feeling better about it than I have about anything else I've ever written. It will surely be a mess that could never be published, but after all the time I've spent working on various writing projects that I never finished, I just want the sense of accomplishment from knowing that I saw one through to the end.

Finally, I got a job today. Well, more accurately, my brother got me a job. I'd been looking for summer work until I went back to school in the fall, and his company was looking to hire a short-term grunt. So beginning on Monday, I'll have to start actually getting up in the morning. It's already been discussed that I'll miss that week when I go to Canada, so it's all set and it's just what I wanted.

And that's that.

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