Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Muggy Metal

The weather here has been incredibly hot and sticky of late, and I find that weather has an odd way of affecting the music I listen to. During this past winter I found myself frequently diving into Viking metal and black metal. The sounds of the cold, hostile north suited my environment perfectly. Well, with this temperature shift I find myself sliding toward the opposite end of the pole. The hot, gritty south has come to dominate my musical listening habits recently: the oppressive fuzz of Weedeater, the Texas swagger of ZZ Top, and even the good-ol'-boy twang of Waylon Jennings. Thanks to Kelly's post on Full Metal Attorney I'm currently listening to Belzebong. Despite being Polish, their style suits my mood quite well too.


  1. Texas also has one hell of a black and death metal scene which I have covered in depth here:

  2. Absu and Averse Sefira get some play on my ipod. I'm not familiar with the rest of those, though, so that gives me some stuff to check out. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the plug!

    I know how the weather can do these things. When scooping snow this past winter, I found myself listening to Immortal's At the Heart of Winter. But lately, heat and humidity have gotten me into filthy, old-school death metal. It's been nice out the past few days, so I've been seeking something more clean and melodic. I think I understand why Italians do the crap music they do, and why good metal comes from places with awful weather (notably the frozen wastes of Scandinavia or the swamps of the Southern US).