Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 Beards # 7

Ok, since I can't seem to sleep right now I'll post one more tonight. In case you haven't noticed, a picture of each entry is linked to their name in their post. Also, once the list is finished I'll do a complete summary, honorable mention, additional thoughts, and link collection in a single post at the end.

But for now, let's move on to a truly amazing beard:

Alongside Jack Passion, this is probably the most obscure entry here. However, while the general public may not know his name, a list of the greatest beards in history would not be complete without including the longest beard ever recorded. At the time of Langseth's death in 1927 his beard was 18 feet 6 inches long. Some accounts put it at 17 feet 6 inches, but this is due to a misunderstanding of sorts: after his death, his family cut off and donated his beard to the Smithsonian Institute, leaving about 1 foot of beard on his face for his funeral. Some measures of length conducted in the Smithsonian after that point failed to account for the extra foot they didn't have, thus the discrepancy. If Langseth were a better known figure, he would rightfully sit at the very top of this list.

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