Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 "word that pisses you off" prediction

   It seems that every year a few words, previously simple commoners in the realm of our societal diction, rise up and take on an almost supernatural level of popularity. These words typically stem from some trend amongst high school or college students, and spread like a virus across the internet, clogging virtually every discussion until their very utterance becomes a source of extreme irritation. Well, I've recently noticed the word "legit" being thrown around in such a way that I'm going to predict here and now that by the end of 2011, most of us will be sick to death of hearing it. Like "epic" and "random" before it, "legit" is becoming a trend which we shall soon come to associate with a particular class of teenagers who think they're being clever or original when all they're really doing is following along with the latest fad and annoying people in the process. That is my prediction, and come December we'll see if it's legit.

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