Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep the Faith, Beardsmen!

For all you guys out there who aren't willing to let your facial hair grow for fear of universal rejection by the ladies, I have good news for you. It comes in the form of two little words that never occur to most of us to put together. You know what they are? "Beard fetish". That's right gentlemen, there is such a thing, and believe it or not there are women who admit to having one. Granted, it isn't something that has gotten a ton of attention, but then, most things that women find attractive in men have a strange way of staying mysterious. The point is, you can grow a beard and still have a shot to find the right girl. In fact, the right girl may already be out there, just waiting for that glorious facial fur of yours to come get her.

Just to prove I'm not making this up, here are a few links:
Here's one.
Here's another.
One more.

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