Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Social Experiment

I've decided to use my Facebook profile to conduct a little social experiment. I have seen different major movements take place that urge people to use something as their profile image (like a favorite childhood cartoon, or a celebrity the think they look like) and often many people will get on board. I've decided to try starting my own little wave which I'm calling "unbeautiful" where you are supposed to produce an extremely unattractive picture of yourself and post it as your profile image. I'm not telling anybody that I was the original post. Instead I made one of those "copy this status" posts so it will look like I'm just going along with something that is already there. I'm actually curious on 2 fronts:

1: is it really that easy to start a movement of some kind?
2: if it is that easy, will people really set aside their vanity long enough to participate in such a project?

Of course if nothing happens, I won't know which of those 2 reasons is behind the failure to launch. If it DOES get rolling, though, it will tell me that the answer to both questions is "yes". Right now all it needs is some time, then we'll see what kind of results I get.

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