Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'm not generally a big one for 3D. Nor am I a big one for doing something just because it's popular. Here are a few things I AM very interested in, though: Vikings, Marvel Comics, and mythology. So yeah, I was exited to see Thor. I had my reservations, considering the odd sci-fi slant, but I figured it was worth the risk. Thus, I headed out for the midnight premier in 3D. And overall, I was pleased. It was Hollywood blockbuster fair, so there are certain things one knows to expect, but it was an entertaining movie. It had plenty of action, an ample sense of humor, and it actually looked pretty cool in 3D. They actually brought in some good actors, and I was surprised to see that Kenneth Branagh directed it. Plus I blasted Twilight of the Thunder God in the car while I drove home, which served as a perfect close to the evening.

"Thor! Odin's son, protector of mankind. Arise to meet your fate! Your destiny awaits!"


  1. I think I'll wait for it on Netflix myself, but I am interested to see the movie. I'm not quite sure why Amon Amarth wasn't approached for this, either. It would have been a perfect tie-in. Yeah, I know mainstream audiences don't care abut metal all that much, but I think Adult Swim's metal sampler was reasonably successful. I think this would have been a perfect opportunity to draw in the metal crowd even more and would have made a very good soundtrack to sell to mainstream audiences who listen to it simply because it was on the movie. And it wouldn't have to be just Amon Amarth either, but I think they would have a lot of mainstream appeal if it were pushed.

    But no, we get a soundtrack from Walt Disney Records that features the Foo Fighters. Blegh.

  2. Man, I said "I think" a lot. Need to re-read the latest writing tips on Invisible Oranges. I started adding such qualifying phrases because my wife says I come on too strong with my opinions and it turns people off. Well, on the Internet, fuck em.

  3. Hahaha!

    But yeah, fucking internet people aside, I agree tying Amon Amarth in would have been awesome.