Saturday, May 7, 2011

Album 12 of 12

Album that changed my life:
"Dopethrone" by Electric Wizard

And here we conclude the series. Dopethrone was my first exposure to Electric Wizard, and it was the album almost solely responsible for getting me into doom. I honestly didn't like this the first time I heard it. Or the second time. Or the third. I kept periodically coming back to it and giving it another try, though, and eventually it grew on me to the point that Electric Wizard became one of my favorite metal bands. I'm glad I was so persistent in listening to this band (which was pretty much just because I thought they had an awesome name) and now I can point my finger straight at this album whenever I listen to Saint Vitus, Cathedral, or Weedeater and say "that's the album responsible for me liking this."

There you go, those were the 12 albums that changed my life.

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