Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Evoken - Antithesis of Light

Until I got this album earlier today, I had never heard Evoken. Right now, as I listen to it yet again, my only wish is that I'd heard them sooner.

This 2005 release is an excellent example of death-doom, admittedly more on the doom side, which sounds to me like a fusion of Solitude Aeturnus and Incantation. With the exception of a 49-second intro, each and every track on the album runs over 10 minutes. The songs are slow, plodding, and gloomy with a darkly Gothic atmosphere and deep guttural vocals.

After the intro we hear In Solitary Ruin, which is possibly the strongest track on the album. The Mournful Refusal would probably be my other primary candidate for the title. I'm not quite sure yet, though, because honestly everything on here just sounds so good it's hard to choose a single song.

In summation, this thing is a monster. If you haven't heard it, I'd strongly suggest you give it a listen.


  1. Dude, these guys are amazing. I think they're probably even better than Ahab. That's probably their best album, too. I think they're coming out with a new one this year.

  2. Evidently I'm just late joining the party, because yesterday was honestly the first time I'd ever heard them.