Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Dinosaurs, Please

I think what this world needs is more metal albums with dinosaurs on the cover. I mean, think about it: what is more metal than a dinosaur? Well, pretty much nothing. After all, they're DINOSAURS! They are giant prehistoric monsters with teeth and claws that put hunting knives to shame. They died a cataclysmic and epically metal death when massive flaming space rocks pounded the planet, and then their bones helped give us the idea to invent a bunch of other cool and also totally metal stuff like dragons. But we didn't need to invent colossal terror lizards, because they already existed, and they were called dinosaurs.

So yeah, dinosaurs are basically the most metal thing ever.

If you need more evidence of why dinosaurs should be on more metal album covers, just take a gander over there to the left. Look at how unbelievably bad-ass that is! I've seen two versions of this cover, and while the colored one appeals more to me, they are both more awesome than about 95% of the album art out there today.

Metal bands of the world, it's time for you to get to work. I expect to see ten more awesome dinosaur album covers on my desk by the end of the month, or you're fired.


  1. Funny, I don't remember seeing that review. It is definitely further proof that we need more dinosaurs in our metal.