Monday, May 26, 2014

Aborted - The Necrotic Manifesto

Aborted are a band that has had a rather interesting trajectory over the years. The Belgians began their careers as a death metal outfit, and established a pretty good name for themselves. Then, in 2008, they did what many bands have done over the years and they transitioned into a far more accessible deathcore style. As usual, the fans were outraged, but new fans came on board. What Aborted did next was the unusual part: they found a way to make everybody happy. They` decided that the problem their old fans had with deathcore was that it wasn't heavy enough, so they reasoned they could stick with the new style so long as they their songs hit like a truck. Hence, Aborted nestled into the rather scarcely populated niche of brutal deathcore.

This year's release saw Aborted continue that trend, though perhaps slightly less successfully than on their previous record. The songs don't quite grab you as much this time, but the heaviness is still there and the band have mercifully put their audio clip fetish in the backseat where it's present but no longer quite so prominent.

It's a solid album with all the pieces properly in place, but I doubt many fans of the band (from whatever period) will peg this as their favorite album because it does suffer a bit from "this is like their last album but not quite as good" syndrome. It's a worthwhile listen, though, and I've enjoyed it.

Grade: B

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