Sunday, July 10, 2011

Internet Phone Pranks

Well, evidently there are websites now that one can visit to prank call their friends. The caller can select any of a number of sound clips, choose a number to call, and choose a number they want it to display as on that person's caller ID. I got a call early today, courtesy of an annoying friend of mine, which came up as being my brother, and started with a girl's voice saying "Hey baby." I was taken by surprise. I could see my brother at the time and had him show me his phone right then, so naturally since I'd just been watching a bunch of Doctor Who I assumed it was an alien. Turns out I was wrong, but the fact that some random website can remotely manipulate the functions of my caller ID is almost as unsettling as the idea of getting hit on by an alien. Not quite, but almost.

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