Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beard Trim

I decided over the past couple weeks that my beard was getting a bit too unruly, to where it was bothering me. Different parts were starting to curl in different directions and while I make a rule of ignoring what other people say about my appearance, it just looked bad to me. So today I tried to do some light trimming, but it didn't seem to help (possibly even made it worse). As such, I decided to just trim it way back. So I still have a beard, but now it's down to about an inch long. I actually rather like the way it looks right now, so I think I'll keep it this way for a little while.

In 5 days it would have been 8 months without trimming.


  1. Mine got to that same "unruly" point and I kept growing it. I think I lasted about two years without trimming before I gave up. And, just like you, I really liked the new, clean look. I think that some of us are just programmed to look best at a certain length, and that length is not always terminal.

  2. I agree. Every person has their own length that really looks right. It my case it seems to be a bit shorter.

  3. I let my face go for a whole month while on paternity leave recently (I won't call it a beard, because that would be an overstatement) and then I trimmed it down to a respectable, if modest, fu manchu. I can't let mine go for 8 months or a year--it would just look bad, as it's not filled in that well on my cheeks.

    Anyway, before-after pics? I failed to take my own, but I hope you remembered.

  4. I did. I'll put them up in a new post.