Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before and After

As per request, these shots I took right before and after trimming my beard.


  1. Awesome. I have to say that, given your hairstyle, I think the trimmed beard is better. On the other hand, if you went totally Viking and grew out your hair, the unruly beard would complete the look.

  2. Yeah, I was originally going to try the long hair and long beard viking look. The trouble is when my hair starts to get long it gets, for lack of a better word, "poofy".

  3. I think you can wear your beard either way and it looks good. My beard got to that length before I trimmed it back to the length you have it now. Why? Well, it was just way too uncontrollable. I mean, there were hairs going everywhere. Sadly, in every beard shot I see where someone has a massive beard, it seems to be under some sort of spell (cast by either a wizard or a beard stylist) that keeps it from looking like it's completely out of control. It gives one the illusion that a controlled look is natural, when it obviously isn't.

    As for long hair, I tried growing mine out as well. As with all hair, it goes through a "poofy" stage before the weight of it flattens it down. What was my problem? Well, to put it bluntly, my hair was just too thin to look good long. I didn't realize quite how thin until someone gave me a pair of mirrors to look at the back of my head. Dear lord but I was looking bald! If it had not been for that, I probably would have kept the longer hair.

    Still, the "shorter" look is a lot easier to maintain. I had to take so much time conditioning and using products to keep my hair and beard under (as much) control (as possible) that I was spending an extra 20 minutes per day just on that.

  4. Oh, I know there's always a poofy stage, but I actually let my hair grow pretty long once before (down to the middle of my back) and it was still poofy then.

    And the "uncontrollable" thing was a big factor in my decision too. Once it got to a certain length, my beard started getting curly in erratic and annoying ways.

    And in the end, I just prefer a degree of practicality where my looks are concerned. If something starts turning into an active irritation or a major time-sink, I'm likely to change it. In any case, I'll probably try the longer beard again, just not right now.